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My sites

Pages à PAPA Main Portal
WIX WIX Portal (Flash)
My Blog Blogger weblog
LinkedIn LinkedIn
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Library My library

Tests and History

Cloud Cloud Portal (Flash)
Widgets Cubes, cloud and squares
My Brain Self Reference and my Brain
My World Visit my world
eFFe 2013 Test format
Flashy Other test
Google site Presence on the Web
My Space My Space weblog
FF-MSN MSN weblog

Sites I made for others

Cornelis Drebbel Historical figure
Cornelis Drebbel wiki site Historical figure - wiki format
AIACE [1] Site for Retired European Officials
Tangoart [2] Argentine Tango events
Jorge Fatauros [3] Argentine Tango Teacher
Vanessa Fatauros [4] Argentine Tango Teachers
Kythira Tango Argentine Tango trip to Kythira
Hilde schildert Painter
Gun Derhammar Painter
Joke de Vries Painter
Mijzenfestival [5] Event
Drebbel - Het Volmaakte Rood [6] Musical Theatre event
Penguin & Moontan [7] Musical Theatre event
Overtoom medical Medical manufacture
Overtoom catheter Medical Instrument
Bos Medisch Advies Medical Advice
Het Stratégem Adviesbureau voor identiteit en kansenmanagement
de MarketShareMonitor Marketing instrument
Genealogie Van Onna Boek over familie van Onna

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  2. History / Transferred to Tangoart
  3. History / Transferred to Larotonde
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  6. History / Archived
  7. History / To be archived